Hi, this is Hiran.

A jump station for all my stuff.

Obviously a work-in-progress!

This is the personal blog of Hiran de Silva. aka. Hiran de Silva Thenabadu. If you stumbled across me here you can email me here (hiran@desilva.com) or call me on 07798 748345.

The Many Faces of Hiran

Microsoft Excel thought leadership – The Good Spreadsheet Project

Microsoft Excel thought leadership – Excel.WTF!

Musical Theatre – Bob Hope Theatre (mostly)

Tennis – the way it used to be!

Gigs – Beatles Jam and Open Mics around London

Cool Friends – my real-life inspiration. Thank you all!

Current Projects – what I’m doing right now.

Family – and other animals 🙂

Backstory – start here if you haven’t seen me for decades!

Contact – hiran@desilva.com or 07798 748345

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