This site brings together all the crazy things I get up to. I do crazy things with Microsoft Excel for which I get paid. I do crazy music things for which I don’t get paid, mostly. I do other crazy things in between for which I pay.

Anything worth doing has to be crazy.

I live in London where I was born a long time ago. I grew up in a country called Ceylon (also a long time ago) which was geographically exactly where Sri Lanka is now. My family in Sri Lanka grow tea. Tea is not like cannabis. You can drink it quite safely.

As a hobby I rant about this and that. Nothing changes. So I rant some more.

While this site is temporarily a little bare you can find me thus:

  • Email: hiran@desilva.com
  • Phone: 07798 748345
  • Facebook: Hiran de Silva

I run the Beatles Jam on Meetup.com

And Perfect Harmony on Meetup.com

My vocal harmony site is here SingPerfectHarmony.com. You’ll find practice tracks there.